Internet Search Engines

Various useful search engines
Engine Name Web Address Comments
AltaVista One of the largest Web databases
AltaVista AltaVista USA
AltaVista AltaVista Australia
Anzwers Hybrid search/directory engine
Dogpile Meta Search engine
Excite Only medium size database
Fast Search Very Fast Search Engine
Gasta Search Engine for Europe
Google Standford University developed search engine Search Engine
HotBot Very large database; part of Lycos network
Inference Find Meta Seach Engine
Infomine Directory of scholarly Internet resources
Infoseek Low retrieval rate
Internet Sleuth Meta Search Engine
Librarians Index to Internet Librarians Index to the Internet
Lycos Low retrieval rate
MetaCrawler Meta Search Engine
Netscape Search Netscape Search Engine
Nothern Light Coverage of proprietary publications
Nothern Light Coverage of proprietary publications
OzSearch Australian subject directory
ProFusion Meta Search Engine
AOL.COM Search AOL Search Engine
SavvySearch Meta Search Engine
SearchKing Search Engine Search Engine Similar to Yahoo
WWW Virtual Library Distributed directory of scholarly resources
WebCrawler Low retrieval rate
Yahoo Directory engine with links to AltaVista
Zerx View sites related to another site
Zipee A family friendly search engine

Last Updated on 19/06/2000
By Max Pearce