Australian Digital TV - Status


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Table of Contents

Australian Digital TV - Status
World TV Standards
Transmission Bandwidth - VHF
Transmission Bandwidth - UHF
Frame Refresh Rates
The Australian Broadcasting Environment
Australian Population Distribution
Free To Air Television (FTA)
Free To Air Broadcasters (Cont)
Pay TV - Cable, MDS & Satellite
Program Quality Vs Quantity
Australian Television Transmitters
Receiver Bandwidth
Channel Bandwidth Implications
Australian Television Environment
Digital TV Systems Development
DTV Developers Focusing on Own Needs First
Only European and American systems allow implementation by 2001
Australia is looking to satisfy its OWN Needs
Australia’s Involvement in DTV
HDTV - Why Do We Want It?
Decoders sold in Australia will be MP@HL capable
FACTS - Specialists Group
The Benefits of Digital TV
The Testing
1996 DVB-T Demonstration
Laboratory Testing of DVB-T
Laboratory Testing of DVB-T
ATSC Testing
Field Testing
Field Testing
Field Testing
The Tests - Some World Firsts
HDTV - Demonstrations
Test Reports
The Selection Committee
Selection Panel - Responsibility
Selection Criteria
Selection Result - June 1998
More Selections
Government Legislation
The Digital Conversion Act - 1
The Digital Conversion Act - 2
The Datacasting Imposition Act - 1
The Datacasting Imposition Act - 2
What Are the Next Steps?
On Air Testing
Channel 9A
Propagation Investigations
The End

Author: Neil Pickford - Comms Lab


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This presentation by the Communications Laboratory was used to inform the Brazillian SET Conference of the current status of Digital Television in Australia. It was presented in August 1998 in Sao Paulo.

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