DTTB Lab Tests Methodology & Results Summary
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Table of Contents

DTTB Lab Tests Methodology & Results Summary
Digital Television
Broad Objectives of DTB
Enabling Technologies
Transmission Technology
Digital TV Transmission Technology
DTTB Transmission Systems
COFDM - Europe
The Australian DTTB Test Program
Aims of Australian DTTB Testing-1
Aims of Australian DTTB Testing-2
Aims of Australian DTTB Testing-3
Aims of Australian DTTB Testing-4
Aims of Australian DTTB Testing-5
Scope of Tests
Order of Measurements
Test Rig - Block Diagram
Laboratory Tests - Test Rig
Test Rig - Modulation Equipment
Laboratory Tests - Transmitters
Digital Transmitters TCN-9 Sydney
Lab Tests - VHF/UHF Transposer
COFDM - Commercial Receiver
COFDM - Test Rx Hardware
8-VSB - Test Rx Hardware
Main Results - Lab Tests
8-VSB & COFDM - Spectrum
Digital Modulation - 8-AM
Spectrum of COFDM DTTB
64-QAM - Perfect & Failure
General Parameters - Aust Tests
General Parameters
C/N, NF & Payload Rate Table
AWGN Receiver Performance
Receiver Parameters
DTTB System Multipath Character
AWGN C/N Performance
AWGN Performance
Multipath & Flutter Measurements
Doppler Echo - 7.5 us Coax
Multipath & Flutter - Overview
Transmitter Performance Sensitivity
Transmission Strategies
Transmission Performance - 1
Transmission Performance - 2
Transmission Performance - 3
Impulse Noise - Results
Impulse Noise - Plot
Impulse Noise - Overview
DTTB into PAL - Subjective
DTTB into PAL - Overview
PAL into DTTB - Results
PAL into DTTB - Plot
Co Channel PAL into DTTB - Plot
Off Air PAL into DTTB - Plot
DTTB & PAL - 0 dB Spectrum
PAL into DTTB - Overview 1
PAL into DTTB - Overview 2
CW into DTTB - Plot
CW into DTTB - Summary
CW into DTTB centre channel
CW into DTTB - Comment
DTTB into DTTB - Overview
DTTB into DTTB - Plot
DTTB Field Testing Objectives
Field Testing - Van
Field Testing - On the Streets
Field Test Vehicle Block Diagram
Field Testing - Method
Field Test - Data Collected each Site
Australian DTTB Field Trial PAL Receive Margin
Australian DTTB Field Trial DTTB compared to PAL
Australian DTTB Field Trial 8VSB Decoder Margin
Australian DTTB Field Trial COFDM Decoder Margin
DTTB Systems Doppler Performance Limits
ATSC 8-VSB Doppler Performance Limits
Field Test - Observations
Results Conclusion
The Selection Committee
Selection Panel - Responsibility
Selection Criteria
Selection Criteria - Groups
Selection Criteria - Analysis
Criteria - Coverage
Criteria - System Design Elements
Criteria - Operational Modes Support
Criteria - Overall System
Selection Criteria - Receivers
Selection Criteria Matrix
Key Selection Criteria
Selection Result - June 1998
Overall Selection Influences
More Selections
DTTB Implementation Notes:
A Future Digital System Concept
The End

Author: Neil Pickford - Comms Lab

Email: neilp@goldweb.com.au

Home Page: happy.emu.id.au/lab/lectures

Other information:
This lecture was originally presented in August 1998 to the SET Television Engineering conference in Sao Paulo Brasil by Neil Pickford of the Communications Laboratory to assist the Brasilian and Agentine engineers with understanding our DTTB selection.

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