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Digital TV Tutorial

Wednesday 21 October 1999

Television Broadcasting into the Digital Era

The following 6 lectures were presented by Neil Pickford to Final year engineering Students at the University of Canberra during October 1999 as part of the Advanced Topics in Communications Unit



Lecture 1 - Television History, Analog TV & Fundamentals

Neil Pickford


Lecture 2 - Digital Video Formats, Standards and Sampling

Neil Pickford


Lecture 3 - Audio/Video compression and MPEG-2 Multiplexing

Neil Pickford


Lecture 4 - DTTB Types and Digital Modulation Systems suitable for Terrestrial use

Neil Pickford


Lecture 5 - DTTB Transmission and Error Correction

Neil Pickford


Lecture 6 - DTV Planning and the DVB-T SI Tables

Neil Pickford

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