Television History, Analog TV & Fundamentals - Lecture 1


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Table of Contents

University of Canberra Advanced Communications Topics
Overview of Topics
Digital Media
What is Television
History - Ferdinand Braun - CRT
John Logie Baird - Basic TV
Early Mechanical Approach to TV
30 Line Mechanical TV
Electronic Television - Farnsworth
Vladimir Zworykin - Iconoscope
Significant Television Inventions
Aspect ratio
The Video Signal
Video Timing
Frame Rate
Flicker and Judder
Interlaced Vs Progressive Scan
Progressive Scan
Colour Equations for PAL
A Compatible Colour System
Colour Sub Carrier
Adding Colour to B&W Video
Amplitude Modulation
Television Modulation - AM
TV Modulation - AM Min 20%
TV Modulation - PAL AM
Frequency Modulation
Intercarrier Sound
FM Sound Emphasis
TV Modulation - Sound
Vestigial Side Band - VSB
PAL-B Spectrum
Frequencies Used
World TV Standards
Transmission Bandwidth - VHF
Transmission Bandwidth - UHF
U & V Components
Y, B-Y & R-Y Values
Y, B-Y & R-Y Values
Y, U & V Values
Component Video
Standard Definition Television SDTV
Enhanced Definition Television EDTV
High Definition Television - HDTV

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First Lecture of a series of 6 Digital Television Lectures given to University of Canberra Final Year Engineering Students in October 1999. This lecture covers the History of early television, Analog TV and the fundamentals for understanding later parts.

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