Audio/Video compression and MPEG-2 Multiplexing - Lecture 3


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Table of Contents

University of Canberra Advanced Communications Topics
Enabling Technologies
Video Bitrate - HDTV
Compression Technology
Compression - Types
Compression - Loss-less Types
Compression - Lossy Types
Compression - DCT
MPEG-2 - I, P & B Frames
MPEG-2 - Formats ML & HL
MPEG Profiles and Levels
PPT Slide
Digital Audio - Multichannel
Multichannel Sound
Multichannel Sound - MPEG 1/2
MPEG Audio Encoder
MPEG Audio Decoder
Multichannel Sound - Dolby AC-3
AC-3 Coding Block Diagram
AC-3 Multichannel Coder
AC-3 Stereo Decoder
Problem of AC-3
MPEG-2 Multichannel Coder concept
Low cost 2-channel decoder
Compatibility with Pro Logic
Compatibility with Pro Logic (2)
Widely Available
Studio Multichannel Sound
Digital Television - Types
Digital Television - Types
Digital Television - Types
Enabling Technologies
Digital Terrestrial TV - Layers
Digital Television Encode Layers
Digital Television Decode Layers
Set top Box (STB) - Interfacing
DTTB - Content & Services
DVB Data Containers
Examples of DVB Data Containers
Video Program Capacity
Spare Data Capacity

Author: Neil Pickford


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Third Lecture of a series of 6 Digital Television Lectures given to University of Canberra Final Year Engineering Students in October 1999. This lecture covers Audio/Video compression and MPEG-2 Multiplexing

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