DTTB Transmission and Error Correction - Lecture 5


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Table of Contents

University of Canberra Advanced Communications Topics
Spectrum of COFDM DTTB
64-QAM - Perfect & Failure
OFDM - Features
COFDM DTTB Block Diagram
Forward Error Correction (FEC)
Convolutional Coder
Puncturing Codes (FEC)
Inner Coding
Viterbi Decoder
Reed Solomon (RS)
Error Protection - Order
Guard Interval
COFDM - Multipath
COFDM - Multipath
COFDM - Pre-Echo
Mobile Services
PPT Slide
Bus Route 7 Singapore - 1999
Doppler Echo - 7.5 us Coax
DTTB Systems Doppler Performance Limits
ATSC 8-VSB Doppler Performance Limits
TPS Pilots
7 MHz COFDM Modulator Spectrum
7 MHz COFDM Modulator Spectrum
7 MHz COFDM Modulator Spectrum
C/N - Signal Level Performance
8VSB vs COFDM Australia
8VSB vs COFDM Latest
DVB-T - Bit Rates [2k]
DVB-T - C/N Values

Author: Neil Pickford

Email: neilp@goldweb.com.au

Home Page: http://happy.emu.id.au/lab/lectures/uoc

Other information:
fifth Lecture of a series of 6 Digital Television Lectures given to University of Canberra Final Year Engineering Students in October 1999. This lecture covers DTTB Transmission and Error Correction.

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