University of Canberra Advanced Communications Topics

C/N - Signal Level Performance

8VSB vs COFDM Australia

8VSB vs COFDM Latest

DVB-T - Bit Rates [2k]

DVB-T - C/N Values

Frequency Planning

Digital Has to Fit In With PAL

Channel Spacing

Digital Challenges

Use of “Taboo” Channels


Channel Combining

UHF Channels: London

Planning Issues

Service Areas - Current

Service Areas - SFN

Signal Strength

Digital Service Area Planning

PPT Slide

PPT Slide

PPT Slide

Service Area Planning

Digital Provides New Concepts

General Parameters - Aust Tests

Main Results - Lab Tests

DTTB Result Summary Table

MPEG Packet

System Level Multiplexing Approaches

Packetisation Approaches

Transport Stream

System Information (SI)

DVB SI Model

System Information

What is SI?

PSI and DVB SI Tables

MPEG Program PIDs

Virtual Channels & PCR Timing

Decoding the Program

PAT, PMT & CAT Tables

DVB SI Features

SI Features: NIT

SI Features: SDT & BAT

SI Features: EIT

SI Features: TDT,TOT, RST

Electronic Program Guide - EPG

Example EPG using DVB SI

Example: Event Details

Example: Selection by Genre

Example: Selection by Genre

Application Program Interface API

DVB - Conditional Access

Typical Conditional Access System

A Future Digital System Concept