Fujitsu Image Site 42
16:9 Widescreen Display

Fujitsu Microelectronics has just unveiled it's newest generation 16:9 widescreen, flat-panel plasma display which has a diagonal screen size of 107 cm (42 inches). It is called a ImageSite 42 and is suggested for a list price of $US10,999 which is 20% less than the previous model.

The ImageSite functions as a large format widescreen monitor for both computer graphics and video. Input modes include PC, Macintosh, Off Air TV via video, VCR, DVD, satellite and cable systems. The device is capable of both Progressive and Interlaced scanning.

The screen has an EDTV resolution of 852x480 pixels and with improved contrast is claimed to give clearer, brighter picture quality compared with conventional CRT technology.

Data for this news story appeared in Feb 1998 issue of Advanced Television Markets.

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