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Laboratory Reports are numbered in chronological sequence in the format YY/NN where YY is the last two digits of the year and NN is a sequentially assigned number commencing with 01 at the start of each calendar year.

Laboratory Reports are intended to provide information on the results of studies undertaken and are prepared primarily for internal consumption within the Department and portfolio agencies. However, in general, Reports can also be made available to interested persons outside the Department. This listing excludes any reports that are considered to be sensitive or are classified as commercial-in-confidence, and thus not available for general circulation.

Copies of Reports are usually lodged with the Departmental library so as to be readily accessible. Individual copies may be obtained by written request to:

The Director
Communications Laboratory
GPO Box 2154
a request
to Lab Reports
Single copies are usually available at no charge, but a charge may be imposed for copies of larger reports and for multiple copies of reports.
Some reports or overviews may be viewed directly from the index.
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