VK1 Fox Hunt Report for Thursday 9th November 2000.

This Hunt took place in Civic starting at the Griffin centre carpark adjacent to the skatebowl. The first fox was Neil VK1KNP.

This week we had 1 Fox VK1KNP and 1 hound VK1ET with apologies from Kerri VK1TKR and Dimitris VK1KBN who each had work/study commitments on the night.

However all was not lost with Neil and John swapping roles as Fox and Hound with hunts 2,3 & 4 happening some-what in parallel. Hunting this night was vehicle based with lots of stops. I must put my fox-hunting roof rack attachment back on!

The hunts quickly moved out of the noisy Civic area and ended up in Ainslie at the foot of Mount Ainslie. We even managed to find a substation that neither of us knew existed!

A total of Four hunts took place 2 on each frequency finishing up around 8:30 PM.

Next Hunt
I am scheduling the next Hunt for Thursday night 7th of December as I have commitments on the next 2 Thursdays. This one will start in Weston Park Yarralumla in the car park adjacent to the MAZE & next to the railway.
Start time will be 6:30 pm and if you like, be prepared for a BBQ afterwards.


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