Fox Hunt Report 29 Jan 98

VK1 Fox Hunts continue into February 1998

Fox Hunts have happened each Thursday night in January and as we are all having fun we are continuing into February.
All are welcome.

This hunt was scooped by Neil VK1KNP & Laeli VK2LO.

Jack VK1JA nonchalantly collected the fox at 6:35 pm from the hounds meeting point and refused the offer of some of the more normal antennas, saying "he would find something".

Well the something turned out to be a 10-12 element beam with mounting hardware which he had hidden at a nearby garage so none of the hounds would know what was planned. He erected the "irradiator" on the top level of the Westfield car park and carefully aimed it at the Lake Gininderra Water police roller door. This was intended to cause a strong emanation from that location, leading a couple of the hounds astray. John VK1ET ended up near Mt Rogers on the other side of Belconnen.

Order of arrival at the Fox were VK1KNP, VK1DC, VK1YYZ, VK1ET, VK1TEE & VK2LO.

At Dusk we set about looking for the next Fox which Jack said was within walking distance. However when the fox came on it was only just audible from the start point. Neil & Laeli teamed up and were first on the scene in the vicinity of the water police again. The Fox was emitting a wide area signal which luckily was approached by Laeli end on. The antenna this time turned out to be approximately 20 meters of leaky coax terminated with a partial load. This had been strung up in a line of leafy trees above head height extending for at least 10 trees. Because of the wide area signal being emitted and encroaching darkness, some hounds were confused for a while. Neil & Laeli were followed in by VK1TEE & VK1DC, VK1ET and VK1YYZ.

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