Fox Hunts have happened each Thursday night in January and as we are all having fun we are continuing into February. At this stage it is envisaged that the weekly hunts will continue until the end of daylight saving - then maybe think of a warmer mode of hunting for the winter. All are welcome.

Neil keeps winning - we will have to invent a handicap system - any thoughts - we have some, please contribute.

The Fox was planted by John VK1ET, and found by the following hounds in order - if I remember rightly.

The FOX was planted under a log - next to Gininderra Creek in a nature reserve downstream from Lake Gininderra dam. The antenna was about 5 metres away - lying under a stick at the edge of the water.

First on the scene was Neil - luckily he has a speaker on his sniffer - why? - cause John had forgotten to hide the actual transmitter fully and had crossed the creek to complete the task. The Bzzzztt Bzzztt of someone sweeping a sniffer in the fox's direction alerted me to the fact that I had a hound nearby - but I suspect he saw me anyway!

The challenge here was to make the hounds appear on the wrong side of the creek - and then have to find a way across. It worked with only two of the hounds approaching from the 'correct' side of the creek. Despite there being a set of stepping BOULDERS (1/2 tone rocks can't be called stones!) 30 metres one side of the FOX, and a spot where the creek narrowed enough to step across about 50m in the other direction - two of he hounds found ways to get wet. Neil managed to go knee deep somehow - and Paul went in over his waist! - Enthusiastic bunch aren't they! Hey---no one else got wet.....

Next Thursday, 19th Feb, the Fox will be Dave VK1DC and as per usual the Fox will begin transmitting at exactly 7PM.

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