The Great Fox Hunt
26 February 1998

Richard VK1SW was the Fox for this Hunt.

At a few nanoseconds after 1900 hours the hounds were let loose with the coming to life of the fox. Neil, VKIKNP arrived first at the fox's lair, followed closely by VK2LO. Other hounds to follow shortly thereafter were VKIDA (Well supported by his two great children), VK1DC, VK1ET, VK1AUS and VKIJA.

What a scene they presented trying to locate the sly fox who was secreted in a toilet block on the shores of Lake Ginninderra. Imagine the looks of passers-by seeing these strange people carrying even stranger equipment all paying particular attention to the toilet block. Secrecy prevents me from disclosing those male hounds who seemed to think the fox was hiding in the female toilets!!!!!

With the fox successfully bagged a second hunt took place. This time the order of merit was; VK1ET, VKIDC, VKIKNP, VKIDA, VK2LO, VK1AUS and VKIJA.

With the arrival of more fox hunting equipment the number of hounds equipped for the best sport in Canberra will increase. Unless the fox can get smarter it seems his life will be far from peaceful.

Next week VK2LO will be the fox. See you all then.

VK1 SW and Andrew
The Fox

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