Fox Hunt Report 19th March 1997

Bernie VK1KIP was the fox this week.

He set up the fox on a small island on the lake near the Lake Gininderra college with a BNC "T" on the antennae socket and two antennae. One antenna was buried next to the fox and the other extended via a long length of cable which ran through the water to shore and was laid on top of some some reeds adjacent to the main land.

The radiation pattern had some quite strange Nulls and kept the hounds at bay for about 35 mins the fox itself was placed inside an old ladies Knee high boot with a second boot placed next to it to help confuse the hounds.

The fox started out very weak form the start point not being heard until some hounds were in Bruce. First to the area was John VK1ET followed soon after by Simon VK1AUS and Andrew VK1DA and family. Simon found the reed antenna first, however John found the boots & the fox first.

The antenna in the reeds was moving slightly in the wind which caused major changes in the pattern of the two sources in the area of the fox. This had John stumped for a while.

All in All an interesting fox to find. Thanks to Bernie.

Nex Fox hunt will be on Thursday 26th starting at 6:30 pm from the Lab. Neil VK1KNP will be there for this one.

Bernie VK1KIP and Neil VK1KNP

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