To use the development cartridge with a handy terminal:

#1- If host to EHT-10 Comms do not occur recheck cabling and ensure RS232 protocols are correct

This can be achieved using the MODE command on the PC
ie. MODE COM1:4800,n,8,2

On the handy terminal use CONFIG to set protocols for RS232 and DLL settings. Transfering of files between computer and terminal can also be achieved using FILINK.COM To use this program RS232 protocols should be set as above using then MODE command not the SETUP command as mentioned in the literature.

BASIC Statments perculiar to EPSON EHT-10


COLOR x Where refers to a bit pattern
eg. color 0 is clear or invisible
color 7 is normal black on white
color 16 is inverse white on black

KEY (X,Y)[-(X1,Y1)],key assignment, color, display data
where X = Horz coordinate Y = Vert coordinate X1 = Horz coordinate for bottom right of rectangle (optional) Y1 = Vert coordinate for bottom right of rectangle (optional) key assign. = the value or character the key pad(s) are to take color = as above display data = string of text to be displayed on the screen eg. KEY (1,14)-(5,14),"x",7," EXIT " KEY (1,1),"1",16,"1"

FONT (X,Y),Pset/preset,value
Positions a character at a particular location. FONT characters are double normal size. X= horz. in dots y= vert. in dots PSET = black on white PRESET= white on black Values range from 0- approx 128 eg. FONT (9,5),preset,29,21,30,37 positions a large heading MENU at the top of the screen value 7 = character 0 16 9 17 A

LINE (x,y)[-(x1,y1)],color,Block/Fill
x= horz y= vert x1= bottom right of line y1= vertical bottom right line color = as above B = draw box with x1,y1 right bottom coordinates F = fill box with color eg. LINE (1,1)-(80,160),16,BF draws a black panel across the entire screen

format for comms = open "I" or "O" ,#1,"COM0:BNPBFNN"
RS232 port = COM0:
B= baud rate E=9600 D=4800 A=1200
N= parity None Odd Even
B= bits 1= 1 stop 3 = 2 stop
FNN control lines handshaking etc. FNN disables all checking

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