Solarcorp 70 6 Volt and Solarcorp 379 12 Volt panels installed on garage roof

SolarCorp 70 & 379

Load characteristic tests of the 6 Volt (70) and 12 Volt (379) solar panels used for battery floating, before installation. The 6 Volt panel is obviously not producing it's rated current. Conclusion is that it was under illuminated during the test or not performing to Specification. These panels were purchased at the conclusion of the Solar Power Boat Race in 1998 from SolarCorp who were one of the exhibitors.

SolarCorp 379 Solar Panel Model: SolarCorp 379
Rated Voltage Vm: 14.5 V
Rated Current Im: 155 mA
Maximum Power Pm: 2.1 W
Height: 292 mm
Width: 141 mm
Area: 0.041 m2

Solar Corp 70 Solar Panel Model: SolarCorp 70
Rated Voltage Vm: 7.5 V
Rated Current Im: 286 mA
Maximum Power Pm: 2.2 W
Height: 292 mm
Width: 139 mm
Area: 0.040 m2

With each panel representing a collection area of 0.04 m2 a 10 m2 patch could be expected to produce 500 Watts with optimum illumination from the Sun.

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Last Updated on 4/04/99
By Neil Pickford - Comms Lab