[FoxHunt] Hello & Welcome to the Fox Hunt List

Neil Pickford neilp@goldweb.com.au
Sun, 29 Oct 2000 16:16:26 +1000

Hello Potential Hounds

Sorry the system missed the welcome message off your initial message.
I have set up an open mail reflector for the purpose of distributing
information relating to Fox Hunting.  You should have received your
subscription details and a random password.  You can select another
password or leave it as is, you need it to change your options.
The list is unmoderated and anyone can post to it at the present.
If this starts to be abused I can change this.  Use
mailto:foxhunt@happy.emu.id.au to post. By accessing the web interface
you can see who else is on the list.

The first Hunt of the season will be on Thursday the 2nd of November
starting adjacent to the skate bowl outside the griffin centre in
civic at 6:30 pm.  First Fox will be on 146.200 MHz and will commence
transmissions at 6:30, so be there a little before time.  Liaison will
be on the Black Hill repeater 146.900 MHz.  Spare equipment will be
available as usual.

Neil Pickford