[Sniper] Notices - Games before Snipers

Neil Pickford sniper@happy.emu.id.au
Sun, 25 Feb 2001 00:38:03 +1000

Hello All

Notice of changes passed on by Doc.

Sometimes we have a normal members game before Snipers, this is 
okay however the latest such a game will start in the future is 
10:00 PM.  Doc is moving the start time to as close to 10 PM as
possible.  Doc is trying to close by 11 PM

Recommendation, those wanting to play a game beforehand be at Zone
by 9:30 PM.

I have updated the list intro text to reflect this change.

Another small change - I have turned off monthly password updates.
You can still get one sent to you by entering your email, clicking 
the "Edit Options" box then click "Email My Password To Me"

Don't forget the MTD Next Sunday morning 4th March, bookings at
Zone $5.00 Deposit required.

Neil Pickford aka Mongo