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Fri, 16 Nov 2001 11:02:38 +1100 (EST)

Yes you are correct, The "last to active flag" has been set in the new
version of Sniper. 

Although this enforces no standoffs and tagging, there have already been 
a few occasions where one player has tagged all others in the maze (due 
to particularly brilliant play!!!) and then had to go camp/hide in the 
corner until some significant other hits ocurred.  This can take some 
time in a slow game like snipers.  It also detracts from the "Where the
hell did that come from" aspect.  

That is why "Last to Active" is not favoured by most of the regular 
sniper players.

It would be good to get Doc to re-instate the old parameters, now that 
we have tried out the new ones.  Hint Hint!

Neil Pickford

PS For those who do not know what "Last to Active" means.
If you tag person A then you cannot tag person A again until someone
else tags person A and they come back up.

Quoting Jon Harris <sniper@cyberforces.net>:

> So you all know about the new format for snipers then??  How once you
> have
> shot someone you cannot shoot that person again till someone else shoots
> them??
> With that new format I think I will wait until the old format has been
> renewed once again thanks....  Love the game, but under the OLD format
> not
> the new format....
> Jon
> (Doc please let me know if any of my information above is incorrect but
> that
> is what Clive said the new format was like)
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