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Zone 3 Canberra zone3@zone3act.com.au
Fri, 16 Nov 2001 12:59:04 +1100

You guys don't play anyway so I don't see the need to change it for that
reason ... however if the rest of you had been listening last week  ... or
even back 4 weeks ago when snipers was played  - that group was told the
flag would be taken off ... as it has been for 4-5 weeks now ... or so.

Anyways I am not thinking its worth my sleep getting stuffed up for so if we
don't get good showings over the next 2 weeks its cancelled.

Sorry to the guys who do show up but 3 - 6 players is not worth it at the
moment - maybe after I get some decent rest I will feel differently.


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>>In the wise words of jon harris (i know this is a contradiction),
>>bring back
>>old snipers!!!!
>>then i will play....
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