[Techlunch] JEB

Dennis Gibson dennis.gibson@anu.edu.au
Fri, 16 Aug 2002 10:28:36 +1000

In addition to the previous anouncements:

As you guys know Meredith gave birth to a lovely <insert proud, rose
coloured eyed father type look here> boy.

The little (9lb!) thing was born yesterday around 11.30 am. He put up
one hell of a fight ..not only did he hang around for about 6 days
longer than he should have, then it took over 24hrs of labour before we
finally got him out. I wonder where he gets the procrastinating from ?

Needless to say mum was very battle weary but did a fantastic job
<insert much love/admiration/respect>

Currently both Meredith and Joseph are doing very well

If you want to have a closer look  http://joseph.bagnarol.com

ps let any other interested peoples know :)