[Techlunch] Dead Li-ion Smart Battery?

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Wed Dec 8 16:05:44 EST 2004


What do you do with old, replaced Laptop batteries?

I am desperately seeking a dead (non-functional) Laptop Li-Ion Smart 
Battery pack
of the following types (for internal parts):

IBM P/N 02K6626, or BAT30N3L , or Mitsubishi CGR-B1840AE
Or any other battery that contains a Mitsubishi Smart Battery monitor 
chip, M61040FP.

Can you help with one or more of these?

Dennis Gibson


Dennis Gibson, Electronics Unit
Research School of Physical Sciences & Engineering
Australian National University, Canberra, ACT 0200

Ph:	(02) 6125 2607  [Intl: +61 2 6125 2607]
Fx:	(02) 6125 4433  [Intl: +61 2 6125 4433]

Email: dennis.gibson at anu.edu.au


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