[Techlunch] Disposal

techlunch at happy.emu.id.au techlunch at happy.emu.id.au
Wed Nov 16 11:34:57 EST 2005

We have, free to a good home (proof of goodness will be required), one 
BWD 246A Dual Power supply boat anchor.  This is (was) two 0-35V, 5A 
adjustable supplies in one box  (420w,180h,370d) with 
independent/parallel/series connection switch etc.

Before you get too excited, both analogue meters have missing pointers 
(replacement cost $100 each), and there are control problems requiring 
considerable time to diagnose & repair.  Full schematics are available. 
Replacement cost (of equivalent) is ~$300, making repair uneconomical if 
time is worth anything.



Dennis Gibson, Electronics Unit
Research School of Physical Sciences & Engineering
Australian National University, Canberra, ACT 0200

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