[Techlunch] Game On!

techlunch at happy.emu.id.au techlunch at happy.emu.id.au
Wed Dec 19 12:45:30 EST 2012

Our Barton Cafe is still open on Friday 21st for The Last Supper Lunch.
They reportedly  will re-open on January 10th which is a Thursday,
which seems odd, so will confirm the opening for the 2013 "breakfast"
Lunch on Friday 11th.

Cheers & Mary Christmas to those who can't make it.


Dennis Gibson, Electronics Unit
Research School of Physics & Engineering
College of Physical Sciences
Australian National University
Canberra, ACT 0200

Ph:	(02) 6125 1573  [Intl: +61 2 6125 1573]
Fx:	(02) 6125 4433  [Intl: +61 2 6125 4433]

Email: dennis.gibson at anu.edu.au


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