[Techlunch] NBN Outage for VK1NP

techlunch at happy.emu.id.au techlunch at happy.emu.id.au
Mon Apr 2 17:37:16 EST 2018

The NBN juggernaut is re-jumpering patches at the DA that serves my 
place tomorrow across to a Node.

This means goodbye to POTS telephone/ADSL and an interruption to 
web/mail services until I figure out how to interface my Linux 
Box/server to the new Fritz Box Modem.

I have already put the new modem on-service to day and tried "Plan A" 
PPPoE passthru but the ISP cannot handle two PPPoE sessions from the 
same user.

So the TechLunch reflector will be unavailable for a short time - hopefully!

Neil VK1NP.

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