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Tue Jun 16 19:12:04 EST 2020

Not quite Gil,
This notice refers to Gungahlin lakes *not *Ainslie Football Club.

*"Unfortunately, opening Ainslie Football & Social Club at this time is 
not viable due to the 20 patron limit. We look forward to the day when 
Ainslie Football Club can welcome back all of our valued members and 
guests, however your safety is our top priority."

*As we have permanent a booking at the Ainslie I would assume it would 
*As I said in my email at the weekend, patience is a virtue.

On 16/06/2020 6:24 pm, Gilbert Hughes wrote:
> I see (as have you I would think) that they are opening from Friday.  
> They have a number you must ring to make a booking.  The phone line 
> opens on the 19^th !!! if I have read it right.
> A bit complicated but doable….
> GH

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