[Techlunch] Lunch Friday at AFC and coffee after at Kambah

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Tue Mar 17 17:05:29 EST 2020

Fair enough Rob,
To avoid close contact may be we should have individual tables
an communicate with audible Morse code sounders !!
Now that would be sight.

Given the concerns about the virus, can we have a show of hands so to 
speak of those
who would *not* be attending.

On 17/03/2020 4:45 pm, techlunch at happy.emu.id.au wrote:
> Hell_ All,
> I will not be attending lunch Friday due to the current ongoing risk 
> to old guys so I will miss your company yet again.
> And worse still this my be the case for the next few weeks as I 
> suspect the AFC may close for a period of time.
> On top of that I will miss my visits to Kambah afterwards for my usual 
> cup of coffee and a play with the grandchildren.
> Best wishes and hope we all get through this medical disaster ok. So 
> far OK here.
> Cheers and Good Luck.
> Rob
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