Real time sampling of Temperature, Windspeed and Rainfall at Fraser ACT 2615
Data Description / Period
3 Hours
6 Hours
12 Hours
24 Hours
2 Days
8 Days
1 Month
1 Quarter
1 Year
Outside Temp Outside3 Outside6 Outside12 Outside24 Outside48 OutsideWeek OutsideMonth OutsideQtr OutsideYear
Solahart Anode Temp Anode3 Anode6 Anode12 Anode24 Anode48 AnodeWeek AnodeMonth AnodeQtr AnodeYear
Solahart Panel Top Temp PanTop3 PanTop6 PanTop12 PanTop24 PanTop48 PanTopWeek PanTopMonth PanTopQtr PanTopYear
Solahart Panel Bottom Temp PanBot3 PanBot6 PanBot12 PanBot24 PanBot48 PanBotWeek PanBotMonth PanBotQtr PanBotYear
Solahart Jacket In Temp JacketIn3 JacketIn6 JacketIn12 JacketIn24 JacketIn48 JacketInWeek JacketInMonth JacketInQtr JacketInYear
Solahart Jacket Out Temp JacketOut3 JacketOut6 JacketOut12 JacketOut24 JacketOut48 JacketOutWeek JacketOutMonth JacketOutQtr JacketOutYear
Solahart P/T Relief Valve Temp Relief3 Relief6 Relief12 Relief24 Relief48 ReliefWeek ReliefMonth ReliefQtr ReliefYear
Temper Valve In Hot Water Temp RoofHw3 RoofHw6 RoofHw12 RoofHw24 RoofHw48 RoofHwWeek RoofHwMonth RoofHwQtr RoofHwYear
All Solahart Temps AllTemps3 AllTemps6 AllTemps12 AllTemps24 AllTemps48 AllTempsWeek AllTempsMonth AllTempsQtr AllTempsYear
Pool Temps Pool3 Pool6 Pool12 Pool24 Pool48 PoolWeek PoolMonth No Data No Data
Wind Speed Avg Wind3 Wind6 Wind12 Wind24 Wind48 WindWeek No Data No Data No Data
Wind Speed Min/Avg/Max WindS3 WindS6 WindS12 WindS24 WindS48 WindSWeek No Data No Data No Data
Rainfall Rain3 Rain6 Rain12 Rain24 Rain48 RainWeek RainMonth RainQtr RainYear

Other Files

  • Live Data Folder
  • Latest Temperture Scan
  • Temperture Scan Log
  • Latest Pool Scan
  • Pool Scan Log
  • Latest Wind/Rain Counter Scan
  • Wind/Rain Counter Scan Log
  • Temperature Scan Errors
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  • Graph Temp/Wind Errors
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