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How do I join up?
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How do I join up?
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Two people facing each other in snowy conditions, performing a ceremony.

An Investiture Held in the Snowy Mountains, in Winter,1993.

The first criteria is to be a Male or Female human.  Then you need to be between the ages of 17 and 26, also noting that you cannot become a full member of the crew until you are 18 and that you get literally "Booted" on your 26 birthday.  You do not need to have been a member of the Scout or Guide Organisation before.

As Rovers was originally based on the legends of the "Nights of the Round Table" there is a process that you have to go through to join,  it is not hard and you are not expected to do anything strange or weird.

Firstly you need to get in touch with a Crew Member and come along and meet us.  Once you have realised that we are normal people and come along to a few meetings then you can request to be Inducted.

Induction is really a simple process and involves becoming a member of the Scout Association.  Once you are Inducted you are a Squire and need to complete your Squire Training.

Squire Training is simple and easy.  You are asked to:

  • Organise a Monday night activity - this can be anything that you want and is only restricted to your imagination.
  • Organise a weekend activity - again anything that you want but most squires choose to organise a weekend at the end of their training for their Investiture.
  • Squire Project - this is set by the crew but you have to agree to it.  It usually focuses on your particular interests and skills, and provides the Crew with something it needs.
  • Branch Rover Council - held on the third Tuesday night of every month, this provides you with an opportunity to meet with members of other crews (yes there is more than one) and see how Rovers is run on a larger scale.
  • Vigil- this is the last part of your training and involves an evening of quiet self contemplation (Ok it does sound a bit "New Age") but it also can be very enjoyable and enlightening.

Once you have completed all of the Squire Training and have been accepted by the Crew you are Invested as a full member of Bethungra and the World Wide Rover organisation.

So drop someone an email and come along to our next activity (no obligation).


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