DTTB Transmission Power Basics


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Table of Contents

DTTB Transmission Power Basics
Analogue TV
RMS Voltage to Average Power
Analogue TV Peak & RMS Voltage
COFDM Amplitude Distribution
8-VSB Amplitude Distribution
DTTB Peak Amplitude Distribution
DTTB Transmission Some Questions
Peak to Average Summary
DTTB Peak Power
PAL-DTTB @ -10 dB Relative Power
PAL-DTTB @ -10 dB Relative Levels
PAL-DTTB @ -10 dB Transmitter Power
PAL-DTTB @ 0 dB Relative Levels
PAL-DTTB @ 0 dB Transmitter Power
DTTB Transmission Characteristics
COFDM - PAL Spectrum Analyser Display
8-VSB - PAL Spectrum Analyser Display

Author: Wayne Dickson

Email: wdickson@ozemail.com.au

Home Page: http://happy.emu.id.au/lab/lectures/

Other information:
These presentations were originally used to explain DTTB transmission concepts to Australian Television Engineers

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