Communications Technology
Lectures and Presentations

These communications technology lectures were presented to the department in 1997 and provide a basic introduction to communications principles and the technology that allows it to operate.
  1. The Big Picture
  2. The Building Blocks
  3. The Networks of Information
  4. The Broadband Future
  5. The Internet
  6. Digital Radio Broadcasting
  7. Digital Television Broadcasting
  8. The Standards Maze
  9. Australian Digital TV - Status
  10. Australian DTTB Lab Tests Methodology & Results Summary
  11. Electronic Books - Overview
UoC - TV Broadcasting into the Digital Era Lecture Series 1999-2004
FACTS DVB-SI Workshop 10th March 1999
Some Presentations Associated with DTTB
  1. DTTB Transmission - Doppler & Aircraft Flutter
  2. DTTB Channel Estimation & Equalisation Rates
  3. DTTB Transmission - Multipath Performance
  4. DTTB Transmission - Power Basics
  5. DTTB Transmitter Ratings
  6. DVB-T Service Information (SI)
  7. The EYE and the Television Display
  8. DTTB: Overview of NTA Trials
  9. History of DTTB in Australia
  10. Digital Television for Australia
  11. DTTB Lab Tests Summary
  12. DTTB Field Tests Summary
  13. Selection of DTTB system for Australia
  14. DTTB Legislation Issues
Digital TV Lab Index

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