Comms Lab Lecture Series - Digital TV
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Table of Contents

Communications Laboratory Lecture Series
Digital Television Broadcasting DTB
Broad Objectives of DTB
Digital Media
Standard Definition Television SDTV
Enhanced Definition Television EDTV
High Definition Television HDTV
HDTV - Have We Heard This Before?
Interlaced Vs Progressive Scan
Question - HDTV
Do You Use A PC?
Digital Television
Digital Television - Types
Digital Television - Types
Digital Television - Types
Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting - DTTB
Mobile DTTB
How Was Digital TV Developed
Development Race
DTTB Transmission Systems
COFDM - Europe
ISDB - Japan
ISDB - Concept
BST-OFDM - Japan
BST-OFDM - Japan
8-VSB & COFDM - Spectrum
Traditional SCPC Modulation
COFDM - Orthogonal Carriers
Spectrum of COFDM DTTB
Digital Modulation - 8-AM
64-QAM - Perfect & Failure
64-QAM and QPSK
Non Uniform 64-QAM
Non Uniform 16-QAM
8-VSB - DTV - Development
8-VSB - DTV - Development
8-VSB - Transition Schedule
8-VSB Equipment Photos
8-VSB Equipment
European Development - DVB
DVB Project
DVB - COFDM - Development
COFDM - Transition Schedule
COFDM - Commercial Receiver
COFDM DTTB Equipment
COFDM - Current Hardware
Dvbird - Receiver
Enabling Technologies
Digital Terrestrial TV - Layers
Digital Television Encode Layers
Digital Television Decode Layers
Transmission Technology
Digital TV Transmission Technology
Terrestrial Transmission Problems
Digital Modulation - Functions
Digital Has to Fit In With PAL
Digital Has to Fit In With PAL
Digital Has to Fit In With PAL
Channel Spacing
Digital Challenges
Digital Service Area Planning
TV System Failure Characteristic
Failure Characteristic
Digital Provides New Concepts
Compression Technology
Compression - Types
Compression - Loss-less Types
Compression - Lossy Types
Compression - DCT
MPEG-2 - I, P & B Frames
MPEG-2 - Formats ML & HL
Video Formats - SDTV - 50 Hz
Video Formats - HDTV - 50 Hz
Common Image Format CIF
DTTB - Content & Services
Video Program Capacity
Spare Data Capacity
Navigation Systems
Australian Activity
Laboratory Tests
Laboratory Tests - Test Rig
Laboratory Tests - Test Rig
Field Tests
A Future Digital System Concept
Future - Things to Be Done
The End

Author: Neil Pickford - Communications Lab


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This lectures was originally presented in 1997 during the Communications Technology Seminars conducted for the Department by the Communications Laboratory. It was later presented to the Institution of Engineers Australia (Canberra) on Tuesday the 17th March 1998.

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