Future Fox Hunting in VK1

Announcement of next Fox Hunt - Sent 23/10/98

As we are now finally emerging from the depths of the Canberra winter and Spring Has Sprung - Its time for a resumption of regular Fox Hunting!

Yes at long last after a 6 month pause we will be charging those sniffers, tuning the beams and preparing for the next VK1 fox hunt.

From Thursday 29th of October the regular weekly fox hunts will resume. Initial starting time will be 7:00 pm. outside the Communications Laboratory 14 Wales St Belconnen. We even have some signs up now!

We recently had an afternoon of hunting at Weston park which saw the introduction of a second, more devious fox. Depending on time this will continue on the Tursday nigh Hunts. Fox Hunting was a Hit at JOTA this year with Joeys through to Commissioners finding the fox.

Even John VK1ET and Neil VK1KNP had some real practice early Sunday morning during JOTA. They DFed the Mt Ginini digital repeater after a relay failure caused a continuous low level signal to be emitted which was disrupting packet communications during JOTA.

We are also encouraging all those who constructed sniffers earlier in the year to finish them off and show everyone how well they really work. I have been told that some constructors need a deadline to complete their construction.

Hunting will commence at 7 PM sharp. If you have difficulties, then call on the Black Hill repeater 146.900 MHz which will be the primary liaison frequency for the nights hunts.

The first Fox will be on 146.200 MHz and will have a FM Morse ID and tone. Note the new frequency. Both Pedestrian and Mobile (Car) hounds will be catered for as the fox will be within walking distance. Extra equipment (Sniffers, Beams, Attenuators etc) will be available, So bring what gear you have and you can borow the rest.

At the conclusion of the Hunt the normal Thursday evening technical group will convene.

See you on the 29th at around 6:45 PM. Hunting starts at 7 PM Sharp.


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