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Hi All, I should have added the reference of how I came across this amazing
invention. http://www.amazingaustralia.com.au/inventions.htm Personally I
think there should be a great uptake (is that the right word?) for the
backless g-strings!

Anyway, Lutec Extract below




Two Cairns inventors, John Christie and Lou Brits, have regularly made
headlines in their local newspaper, the Cairns Post, because they have
solved the world's energy and pollution problems. The machine pictured above
will, once kickstarted from a battery, produce 1000 watts of DC electricity
twenty four hours a day, every day, which will be stored in a battery bank
and then inverted to AC power and connected directly into the home or
business, all this without ever needing extra fuel. 
To make things even better, the batteries will last ten years and the
magnets that are responsible for the generation will have an effective life
of one thousand three hundred years. Read more about it on their website

The award John Christie and Lou Brits received for their efforts to save the
So far they have not received a Nobel Prize yet but they have been awarded
the 2001 Skeptics Bent Spoon award (presented to the "perpetrator of the
most preposterous piece of pseudoscientific piffle") at the Australian
Skeptics National Convention in Brisbane on November 10, 2001. The Skeptics
Society's engineer, Ian Bryce, concluded that their generator, claimed to
produce 30 times more output than input, and slated to solve the world's
energy crisis, actually has an output 33% of its input. More info on the
website of the Australian Skeptics Society. 

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