[Techlunch] FW: Some may not be on the list and not have received advice re change of Friday lunch venue??

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Good to hear from you..


Could you check that all on Alan/Amanda's list below are on the address list
and add Nick Philippa VK1NK ?



AND as we have been bumped from Barton due the car-park now a construction
site we are trialling Ainslie footy club in Wakefield Av East of Northbourne
next to the fire station..


So we should advise all about that too..


Gilbert H


From: Amanda [mailto:amhvk1 at netspace.net.au] 
Sent: Saturday, 22 November 2014 2:37 PM
To: Gilbert Hughes; Amanda
Subject: Re: Some may not be on the list and not have received advice re
change of Friday lunch venue??


 I can't see who is on the list when you send it to me.
you should be able to look at properties for the list if you originated the
list to see who is on it.
It is different to the WICEN lists.
I had no idea that Neil Pickford was involved, in the three years that I
have been attending I have never seen him attend.
Suggest you start a new list.
Here is a start
1WX -                   amhvk1 at netspace.net.au
<mailto:1WX-amhvk1 at netspace.net.au> 
1GH-                  ghug9104 at bigpond.net.au
<mailto:ghug9104 at bigpond.net.au>          
1PL-                  plongwor at bigpond.net.au
<mailto:1PL-plongwor at bigpond.net.au> 
2IG-                     vk2ig at exemail.com.au <mailto:vk2ig at exemail.com.au>

1KW-                 vk1kw at netspace.net.au <mailto:Vk1kw at netspace.net.au> 
1CJ                      jonron at bigpond.net.au
<mailto:jonron at bigpond.net.au> 
1TEE-Paul             pkbelliot at telstra.com <mailto:pkbelliot at telstra.com> 

You should be able to find  current email addresses for Dennis,Tony, Bill
and Alex or even think of few others.
Lists should be up dated regularly, once a year minimum.

On 22/11/2014 11:39 AM, Gilbert Hughes wrote:



Are you on the Tech Lunch list above ??






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