[Techlunch] FW: Some may not be on the list and not have received advice re change of Friday lunch venue??

techlunch at happy.emu.id.au techlunch at happy.emu.id.au
Sun Nov 23 23:46:57 EST 2014

All those on the list are now subscribed - The list now has 22 entries
There were only 4 that were not on TechLunch.

I do find Amanda's email attitude a bit brash!

This self service list has been running continuously doing a job with 
little fan fare for about 15 years.
Google "TechLunch VK1" and you will find a page with a link to it.

If you have issues then let me know.

I do occasionally attend TechLunch however not being retired I have busy 
family, carer and work commitments at Parliament House.

Neil Pickford VK1NP

On 23/11/2014 1:57 PM, techlunch at happy.emu.id.au wrote:
> Neil
> Good to hear from you..
> Could you check that all on Alan/Amanda's list below are on the 
> address list and add Nick Philippa VK1NK ?
> AND as we have been bumped from Barton due the car-park now a 
> construction site we are trialling Ainslie footy club in Wakefield Av 
> East of Northbourne next to the fire station..
> So we should advise all about that too..
> Gilbert H
> *From:*Amanda [mailto:amhvk1 at netspace.net.au]
> *Sent:* Saturday, 22 November 2014 2:37 PM
> *To:* Gilbert Hughes; Amanda
> *Subject:* Re: Some may not be on the list and not have received 
> advice re change of Friday lunch venue??
>  I can't see who is on the list when you send it to me.
> you should be able to look at properties for the list if you 
> originated the list to see who is on it.
> It is different to the WICEN lists.
> I had no idea that Neil Pickford was involved, in the three years that 
> I have been attending I have never seen him attend.
> Suggest you start a new list.
> Here is a start
> 1WX - amhvk1 at netspace.net.au <mailto:1WX-amhvk1 at netspace.net.au>
> 1GH- ghug9104 at bigpond.net.au <mailto:ghug9104 at bigpond.net.au>
> 1PL- plongwor at bigpond.net.au <mailto:1PL-plongwor at bigpond.net.au>
> 2IG- vk2ig at exemail.com.au <mailto:vk2ig at exemail.com.au>
> 1KW-                 vk1kw at netspace.net.au <mailto:Vk1kw at netspace.net.au>
> 1CJ jonron at bigpond.net.au <mailto:jonron at bigpond.net.au>
> 1TEE-Paul pkbelliot at telstra.com <mailto:pkbelliot at telstra.com>
> You should be able to find  current email addresses for Dennis,Tony, 
> Bill and Alex or even think of few others.
> Lists should be up dated regularly, once a year minimum.
> cheers,
> Amanda
> On 22/11/2014 11:39 AM, Gilbert Hughes wrote:
>     Amanda
>     Are you on the Tech Lunch list above ??
>     GH
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