[Techlunch] Moon Landing Anniversary- General Dynamics Telemetry Receiver

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Tue Jul 16 13:59:08 EST 2019

Hi Gilbert & Amanda,
You may know that I have an ex NASA General Dynamics Telemetry Receiver  and its been on display for many years now at Watts Communications in Fyshwick.
Somehow ABC Canberra discovered this receiver was part of the Apollo Moon landing missions and ABC's Lish Fejer interviewed Alex Watts?, and myself by phone yesterday, this was broadcast on 666 this morning at around 7:20AM. Now they want to do a TV program on the Receiver in relation to the 50th anniversary.

My problem is that I don't exactly know, or remember, what the receiver was used for, or where it came from, Honeysuckle Creek or Oral Valley?

Do you happen to know anyone who worked at Honeysuckle Creek or Oral Valley or may some details of how these Telemetry Receiver where used at the time ?

This is a bit urgent as ABC would like  Alex Watts? and myself on camera tomorrow or Thursday with an informed story to tell

Alex Saeck
Team Leader-Radio Services
T: 02 6270 7429 I M: 0427 073 138

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