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Yarrangobilly caves.

On the weekend of the 5-6 of February ten Bethungrans went down to Yarrangobilly caves to check them out and do some tourist caving. We went along and did the self guiding cave the glory hole which was fairly cool to our usual WJ. We then had lunch at the thermal pool, where Merle and Glen saw a red belly black snake which was huge and refused to go down the path. The others rushed for their cameras but missed it.

Whilst the others were swimming Merle and Glen went to walk along the river walk to catch up with every one, but saw a baby brown snake and thought it was tempting fate and didn't bother, needless to say no body else saw any snakes. We then went to do jersey cave which was the most decorated cave I have ever seen, the pictures will prove it so clear and crisp.

After this cave five of the party departed to home and the five left went to Cabarummura to show Jeff and Glen, the interstaters, the highest town in OZ.

We had a munchies break and made for the camp at three mile dam, which was rather pleasant except for the march flies.

We talked about a number of interesting things late into the evening and went to bed quite late.

In the morning we packed up and went to the Tumut 2 power station, all but Jen went in side, its a pretty amazing piece of engineering for the era it was built in. After this we drove down the river to check out the Tumut 2 tailrace where Jeff had another swim. We then made our way to Adaminaby for a relaxing lunch before zooming home.

A fantastic weekend by all who came.

Merle Kettly

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