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Bethungra Crew - who are we?
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Bethungra Crew - who are we?
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A long photo of Bethungra Crew members heads lined up on a wall.

Bethungra Crew members losing their heads, 1997.

Bethungra Rover Crew was established in Canberra in 1985 and has gone from strength to strength. Interests held by the crew are varied and include, caving, abseiling, canoeing, skiing, photography, people, technology, dancing, travelling…

Each Bethungra Rover contributes in their individual ways to the overall fun and goodtimes. In fact it is the diversity of people within Bethungra that makes it the unique and challenging crew that it is.

Alison Farrelly

Rovers are part of the World Wide Organisation of Scouting.   There are six different age groups in scouting from Joeys (4 Years old) to Rovers (18 to 26 Years Old).

As Rovers are an adult section they organise themselves and elect a leader from amongst themselves once a year.


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Bethungra Rover Crew
C/- ACT Scout Headquarters
PO Box 251, Civic Square, ACT 2608


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