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Email information is available to crew members only at our new dynamic website.

Bethungra Rovers Crew Leader - Kylie

Crew Members

Kylie Birch (CL)
Lianne Halling (DCL)
(BRC Treasurer)
Dale Alsford (Fund Raising)
Gail Bennell (SM, BRC)
Jeff Brown
Melissa Clark (Sec, BRC)
Jenni Farrelly
(BRC Chair)
Craig Leech
Nathan Lester
(BRC Publicity)
Neil Pickford (RA) + Homepage

Squires & Friends

Rebecca Arundel (Treasurer)
Elise Calnan
Christianne Clementine
Daniel Davey
Sarena Groves
Keirin & Rachel Joyce
Ian Perry
Andrew Pollock
Jess Rodda
Melissa Rogers (Assets)
Glen Rowlinson
Michael Sullivan
Stuart Wheeler

Overseas and Interstate Members

Andrew PearceNewcastle

We now have a E-Mail List of Bethungra Old Farts Incorporated Australia (BOFIA)
and a ACT Rover Crew E-Mail Contact List

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Contact Details:

Bethungra Rover Crew
C/- ACT Scout Headquarters
PO Box 251, Civic Square, ACT 2608


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