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This is a historical web page and is out of date.
See the ACT Rovers website for the latest contact information.

Bethungra Rovers CL Kylie Birch
Blue Water Rovers Contact Sarah Smith
Erindale Rovers CL Donna Cooper
Gungahlin Rovers CL Steve Walsh
Harcourt Hill Rovers CL Shelby Armour
LBG Rovers CL Gus Macdonald
Lake Tuggeranong Rovers CL Jess Hart
Loxley Rovers CL Steve Lemon
Lands End Rovers CL Wayne Brown
Maroak Rovers CL Dave Leonard
Oakey Hill Rovers CL Peter Wilson
Tjatjera Rovers CL John Wilkinson

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Bethungra Rover Crew
C/- ACT Scout Headquarters
PO Box 251, Civic Square, ACT 2608


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